Monday, February 7, 2011

Door Locked

Toby has discovered that he can push a chair anywhere to reach a whole new level of trouble now. He has pushed the chair to the kitchen counter recently and discovered butcher knives and a hot coffee pot. He pushed a chair to the window, climbed into the sill and began banging on the glass. And this morning he pushed a chair over to the basement door in our kitchen. I keep this door locked with a sliding barrel bolt because there are myriad dangers in the basement including various sharp objects, a hot iron furnace door, and an ancient refrigerator that could lock and trap a curious toddler inside.

Toby was not to be thwarted. He was delighted to find that he could just reach the barrel bolt from the chair, but disappointed that his attempts to jiggle the bolt didn't gain him access to the basement. He stood a moment and thought, then I heard him mutter to himself, "Door locked...need screwdriver." He hopped down, opened the kitchen drawer where I keep tools, found a Philips head screwdriver, climbed back up on the chair and inserted the screwdriver into the screws. Toby will turn two in just over two weeks. I'm considering giving him a padded cell for his birthday.

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  1. Uncle Bill sure got a kick out of this one! Oh my, what a little dickens!