Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Lemonade

After painting large walls and moving large boxes, there is something appealing to me about tuning in to all the details of this marvelous mansion. I feel a bit like a child on an Easter egg hunt turning over leaves and peeking behind bushes, wondering what pretty design will show up next.

I can hardly stand to walk by the paint and rust covered doorknobs, hinges, and window pulls. I know how beautiful they could be, if they were given a little care. So yesterday I found a couple hours and got to work. Here is what I unearthed:

You really don't want to hear about the cockroach skeletons hiding behind these doorknob plates, so I won't tell you about them. And what happened to the doorknob? I haven't a clue.  But it doesn't really matter because a house, much like a life, is what you make of it.
Emma couldn't agree more.


  1. Oh my, you are industrious! I love it! And that photo of Emma in the natural sunshine, how precious! There is nothing like sunshine to chase away the winter blues.

  2. Emma found that cozy corner, kicked off her socks, and sat working puzzles while I scrubbed doorknobs. She just looked like such an angel sitting there that I had to grab the camera.

  3. Wow, Kathy!! Your house is going to be a palace when you're done!