Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Go Ahead, Bite the Apple

I was folding laundry this morning when I heard a strange crinkling noise coming from the pantry.  "Toby, what are you doing?" I called out sternly, thinking he had gotten into the scotch tape again. There was no reply. I continued folding socks and listening to the quiet crinkles.

"Apple!" Toby announced cheerfully. Knowing that my apples were in the refrigerator and not the pantry, curiosity won out. I left the socks and found Toby sitting on the floor of the pantry with crispy brown onion-skin peelings all around him. He was just taking his first bite of a large yellow onion, and was clearly pleased with himself. I didn't stop him, hoping natural consequences would cool his curiosity in the future, but he stopped himself part-way into that bite, put the onion on the floor, and scampered off to find other adventures, showing no biters remorse at all.

Unfortunately for me, he's too smart to punish himself. I guess I'll have to keep that job.

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