Friday, February 4, 2011

New House: Living Room and School Room

Though not completely "done," I wanted to share the two main rooms of the house. Knowing myself, I may not feel like they're all moved in and exactly the way I want them for quite some time. But here they are, and I think they look pretty nice already.

Living Room:

Stairs go up behind the couch
Brand new front door, still needs to be painted

Home School and Craft Room:
This is supposed to be the formal dining room, but I was able to put our table in the kitchen and use this room for much nobler purposes. Besides, four kids eating over carpet would be a janitorial nightmare.

And did I mention I love the scenery? Here's tonight's sunset off my front porch:

My voice aloud to God I plead
My voice to God, He will me heed
I sought the Lord I was distressed
I gave my outstretched hands no rest

My restless soul all through the night
No comfort found in coming light
With thoughts of God my fears arise
My heart and spirit faints with sighs

You do not let my eyelids close
I am made speechless by my woes
The days of old I think upon
The years that long ago have gone

I ponder songs I sang at night
My heart and spirit search for light
Forever will the Lord reject?
Can I his favor not expect?

Forever has His kindness ceased?
And is He from his word released?
Did God forget to show His grace?
Does wrath His mercy now replace?

The I replied such questions show
That I my weakness need to know
The Most High has a firm right hand
That through the years will changeless stand

--Psalm 77A from "The Book of Psalms for Worship"
Crown and Covenant 2009
(to the tune of "He Leadeth Me")

Praise the Lord with us for his powerful provision to our family.

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