Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Pretty Portal

Toby is having a birthday party in one week. Just a small, family gathering, and no one is coming who hasn't already seen our house in its state of incompletion. Yet February 19th has become my target date to complete all my major projects and settling in. In view of this goal I rolled up my sleeves once more and tackled the most daunting task: painting our new front door and frame.

Get Ready

10:20 am
Get Set

(What? Blue tape? But how will you paint the doorknob and hinges?)

11:30 am

Primer coat on.

6:00 pm
Crossing the finish line

Limping, wheezing, gasping for air...but I made it! And it doesn't look half-bad.

Leftovers for dinner.

I never did get that doorknob painted, I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow.

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