Friday, June 21, 2013

Splash Park

A friend and I took our kids to a local splash park today. The kids had a wonderful time--once they warmed up to the idea of freezing cold water blasting the senses out of them.

They also had a blast running down a hill with their towels trailing behind them, because what kid hasn't loved trying to fly?

Ah, but it seems no day of fun can finish unmarred for Naomi. After the first race down the hill all the kids ran right back up to do it again, but Naomi stood at the top, holding her sides while all the other kids ran down, because any amount of exercise is painful for her now. Her liver is quite enlarged now, extending a full 3 inches below her rib cage (which is a lot of extra liver for a little girl to carry), and I'm sure it is heavy and sore when she runs. She stood sadly, watching all the other kids laughing and running. She wiped sneaky tears away when she told me, "It just hurts too much any time I run at all." And I didn't really know how to answer her.

This picture is zoomed and cropped from the picture above it, so you can see Naomi standing by herself
Every day there is a shadow over us now. I just hope she remembers the sunshine and not the shadow.

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