Monday, June 17, 2013


Today I felt creation groan
Burdened and calloused
Under the weight of decay
And from those inept words
Glibly passed over the phone
The angst held back nine years
From safe enclosure found its way
To this mother’s heart
Trembling to be that brave

We knew his work insidious
That specter from her birth
But clung to hope his gentle words
Could turn the demon friend
And prayed to heaven that the curse
Be eased before the end
Before her heart should meet the ache
All earth has mourned to bear
Since the day you barred the gate
And left your guardian there

Today I felt creation groan
But from fierce sorrow
Sprang a hope
Fiercer than I’d ever known
When this world seemed
As if a home
Now shaken free from that deceit
I hold her in my arms and wait
The day that you return to free us
Even so
Come Lord Jesus


  1. I'm about bursting into tears over your last stanza. "But from fierce sorrow sprang a hope fiercer than I'd ever known . . . I hold her in my arms and wait the day that you return to free us . . ." Thank you for posting this.

    1. Patricia, it is always a comfort to me when my family's struggles can encourage someone else. Thanks for stopping by our blog.