Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mommy's Helpers

I'm blessed with so much help on a daily basis, of course there's help and then there's "help."

I'm not sure Elijah really considered this helpful, and I couldn't leave them alone for fear that Naomi would fall off the ball, but it was a nice try.

This lasted about five minutes before Elijah realized he was in the arms of an impostor, and I couldn't leave them alone at all for fear that Matt would suffocate him (though to his credit he hasn't harmed a sleeping baby yet), but they sure do look cute.

Then there's Toby's help, which is by far the most frightening.

Naomi and Hannah love to help Emma with her schoolwork, but have a little trouble getting their own done.

With all this help I may just find myself some free time...maybe.


  1. ha ha ~ or NOT!! It's been a long day around here and I've decided the help I'd most truly like to have right this minute is help getting them all to go to bed!!