Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unlikely Foe, Unlucky Me

No one saw the danger in the menacing piece of half-eaten buttered bread lying on the kitchen table--no one, that is, but Toby the Conqueror. While his naive family foolishly went about their morning's activities, one brave hero was determined to rid the house of this peril and save his family--feeble-minded though they are.

His weapon of choice? My hairbrush--able to strike the enemy through twenty times in one efficacious blow. Quietly, carefully he crept up on top of the kitchen table. Then, just before the buttered bread lashed out, he struck it with all his might. Though once was sufficient to disable the enemy, he was certain to dismember it completely so as to assure its annihilation.

The hairbrush? Collateral damage--the price of which is certainly worth the freedom and security gained by this brave battle.


  1. Here is a quote for you that I just read today. Perhaps it will give you something to contemplate. You are not the first mother to raise a boy...

    "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me but I think she enjoyed it." --Mark Twain

  2. Ha, that's very fitting, my feelings exactly! :)