Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Know You're Out There

Matt and I were laying in bed last night, talking over the day's events, when Toby stirred, sat up in his crib and said, "Matt?" We layed still and quiet, hoping he was talking in his sleep, but had obviously heard Matt's voice, and he persisted, "Ohhh...Matt-Matt? Matt. MATT!" So Matt conceded to going over to Toby's crib and tried to settle him down. Realizing that I had forgotten to set Naomi's outfit out for the morning, I attempted to sneak by the crib. Alas, a voice growled at me out of the darkness, "Momm--mmy!" He was satisfied to have a hug, a kiss, and another "good-night" wish, but don't you dare throw a mid-night party without inviting him. He will find you out.

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