Sunday, August 22, 2010

Petri Dish

Our friend Clint calls our house the "Eby Petri Dish." This weekend lab conditions must be just right because we're culturing multiple strains of something ugly, and it's thriving.

Toby's lost his usual zest for life. There's a constant trickle of nose sewage trying to make its way to his mouth, his breathing is raspy, and try as he may to leave his Mama he just keeps returning like a yo-yo for another cuddle. He tried slapping himself this morning for kicks, smiled at first, then cried when he realized he was hurting himself--back to Mama we go.

Hannah's got a "wunny nose" and feels "soooo tie-uhd." Emma's smiling and laughing, but wheezing loud enough to be heard across the room. Don't worry, it's normal for my family. The kids wheeze, but their oxygen saturation never drops. I don't even use the nebulizer anymore unless they request it or really act sick. Our pediatrician labeled them "happy winter wheezers."

Then there's Naomi. Yesterday at dinner she began to complain that her ankles hurt, and her wrists, elbows, knees, neck, throat, mouth, and head. I explained to her about body aches and sickness. She stared at her food and said, "I want to eat, but I want to sleep...I just feel awful!" I directed her to the couch and took her temperature, 101.5 and rising. Half-an-hour later it was 102.5 so she got some Tylenol and got tucked in bed. Today the fever's gone, but she says she doesn't feel good enough to go to church. They probably don't want us there anyway.

Toby's supposed to get some eighteen-month shots tomorrow morning, which will no doubt cause him to run a fever too. Usually I can convince the pediatrician to check everyone's ears and throat for me as long as we're there. She gets a little annoyed at me, but do you know how hard it is to get four sick appointments in the same half of the day at a small pediatrician's office? I think I ought to get a group discount anyway--bring in three sick kids and get one free?

Anyone want to come over for a visit? You're sure to take home a real prize.

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