Saturday, August 21, 2010


Why does Hannah insist that everything I serve her is "too spicy"? How in the world can cheese pizza be too spicy? It's not that she is trying to get out of eating the food. These are some of her all-time favorites. Today at lunch she took a bite of luke-warm Macaroni and Cheese and complained that it was spicy. "Mom, did you put hot sauce in this?" she asks in all seriousness. Now she ought to know what hot-sauce tastes like, she snuck a finger-licking sample off of a Korean student's plate one time when we were eating in the Student Center at Cono and the entire dining room heard about that for a full five minutes. Maybe I should put a few drops in her Mac and Cheese next time, just to remind her what spicy is. Oh, sweet little Hannah, don't tempt me.


  1. Is the food too "hot" temperature wise and she is confusing hot and spicy hot? Sometimes it is so hard to figure out just what they are trying to say to you but once you "get it" it all makes so much sense!

  2. Nope, not hot at all, that's why I said the Mac and Cheese was "luke-warm," I truly can't figure out why she will love a food one day and the next day complain that it's spicy, but it's really frustrating me.