Friday, August 20, 2010

See How I Feel

Toby's nose has started running. What's the big deal? Kid's noses are always running, but that is exactly the problem. After nine straight months of runny noses, fevers, ear infections, an ear tube surgery, and so many visits to the pediatrician that everyone in the office knows me and my kids personally; we finally had two glorious months of snot-free, fever-free, infection-free, antibiotic-free, pediatrician-free living. It's called summer, but it's ending. I know it is because the school bus has returned and so have the runny noses.

I wouldn't doubt if Naomi brought that virus home with her on the first day of school and transferred it directly to Toby's sippy cup. I'm about ready to meet her at the bus stop with a bottle of hand sanitizer, escort her inside for a shower, remove her clothing with disposable rubber gloves, and wash everything that was inside the school building in hot water and bleach! Do you think her teacher would be so kind as to laminate her homework so I could wipe it down with Lysol before she completes it?

I'm really not a germaphobe, it's only my musings. Actually I take a much more laid-back approach in real life: just some extra hand-washing, you know, like every time I change a diaper, wipe a runny nose, touch a sippy cup, prepare food, clean up Emma's potty accidents, wipe tears, kiss boo-boos...OK, actually I wouldn't have any skin left on my hands if I did that. And what's the point really? I can wash my hands so as not to transfer germs from one sippy cup to another and the next thing you know Toby's drinking from Emma's cup anyway. I think I'd rather have soft skin.

I feel like calling the pediatrician and reserving a block of openings--say each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 am? At the pharmacy I just go through their drive-through now and ask for "the usual." Time to stock up on Kleenexes, thermometers (Toby likes to hide them), Pedialyte, and vials for the nebulizer--summer is over.

Today I cuddled Toby on my lap, something he will only do when he's feeling really crumby. I wiped his nose, talked to him in "mommy-talk," and tried to soothe him. What award did I win for my kindness and sympathy? Toby popped a finger in his mouth, sucked on it, and (before I could react) stuck it in my mouth. Award forthcoming in two to three days.

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