Monday, August 30, 2010


Hannah's mind is a wonderful place--a cheerful, outside-the-box kind of place. Allow me to illustrate. Matt was explaining how the earth is a ball and how we don't fall off because of gravity. "When we jump we always come back to earth," Matt said. "Well," said Hannah, "Maybe if there was honey on the ceiling I wouldn't come back down...maybe if there was a lot of honey."

Recently at dinner Hannah was dipping some chicken strips in ketchup. She wrinkled up her nose, gave a little, "uh," of disgust, and began her complaint, "Mom, this ketchup is just..." I was fully expecting her usual "too spicy" complaint, but she continued, "...just making me dizzy."

"No, Hannah," replied Matt, "that's not the ketchup making you dizzy, it's your hair color."

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