Saturday, June 25, 2011

Toby vs. Daddy Wrestling Match

Toby rode on Hannah's back today. He chased Emma mercilessly around the house, hoping to find a good tussle. But the girls wore out too easily and he actually cried when they grew annoyed and gave up the fight. I consoled Toby with the assurance that he could wrestle Daddy tonight when Daddy came home from work. He didn't forget my promise.

Matt and Toby had a good tussle before I picked up the camera. Then Matt laid down for a short nap on the couch, but Toby wasn't through with him yet. In case you've ever wondered if I exaggerate Toby's aggressive nature a little, or in case you're one of my family members who have only seen Toby when he's sick: here's the last five minutes of a Toby-Daddy wrestling match. You decide the winner.

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