Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Chop Shop

Once a year, in May or early June, the time comes to rid our house of the extra hair that has accumulated over the winter. I love my girls' long hair, but their fussing at brushing time grows with each inch on their head, and it's just too hot and impractical in the summer. I find myself dreading swimming because of all the work that goes with it and the hair combing afterward. So yesterday I put Toby down for a nap, washed three heads of hair, and started chopping.

I was quite pleased with this year's results, considering my only training is studying how the girls at Great Clips or Cost Cutters cut my hair each year. And while Matt was tucking the kids in bed last night I rewarded myself with a trip to a Great Clips $5 hair cut sale. After I buzz-cut Toby's hair today we'll be all ready for summer fun.

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