Friday, June 24, 2011

Fast-Track to Bedtime

While pregnancy nausea has vanished, pregnancy fatigue still plagues me. The nurse at my OB appointment yesterday assured me that that was normal for "older moms." Older moms?! Good grief, I just turned 30. But I know that she has a point. I remember the surge of energy I felt carrying Naomi during the second trimester when I was 22 years old. And when I popped out of bed and strolled the hospital halls two hours after giving birth, my OB just shook his head and said, "Youth was made to give birth." Apparently I don't qualify as youth anymore.

Toby's nap time used to be my prime homeschooling and housework time. Now I've decided that school is on summer vacation and the couch is my best friend. It probably doesn't help that this tiny baby acts more like a hamster on a wheel inside me. I swear this kid is burning energy faster than I can produce it. The OB had a hard time catching the baby still enough to listen to the heartbeat yesterday.

Emma also had another recheck with the neurologist yesterday. Thankfully, Matt's mom was able to watch the other kids, which lightened my load considerably. The neurologist reported that all of the blood work for the scary brain-wasting diseases had come back normal and that we were probably dealing with a one-time brain injury that happened sometime in the past, possibly birth, and that needs to be supported with appropriate therapies to help the brain compensate. She did order a 24 hour EEG on Emma to get a better idea of just how slow Emma's brain waves are, and under what circumstances. Apparently, they will hook Emma up at the hospital with all the wires on her brain, then put a cap over it and have her carry the computer around with her that records her brain waves for 24 hours. That insane fun is coming our way this August.

Today Emma had a recheck with the ENT who put the tubes in her ears last month. He had sampled some of her nasal tissues then and felt that they showed she had allergies. So her recheck today included 40 pin-prick allergy tests on her back for various environmental allergens. Thankfully, today was Matt's day off so I was able to devote my full attention to little Emma. She amazed the technician by not fighting or shedding a single tear through it all. She hardly made a peep, but to those who know Emma, this comes as no surprise. The tests showed that she is allergic to two kinds of mold and oak tree pollen, of all the weird things.  I was just relieved that is wasn't dust and grass or something that would make me feel guilty for not vacuuming everyday. I think I can handle avoiding oak tree pollen.

Matt watched the three girls while I enjoyed a glorious two-hour nap this afternoon. Toby took a three hour nap, but wore himself out wrestling with his daddy this evening. He finished the evening by frantically running from room to room yelling, "I need my kiki! I need my sippy cup! I need milk! Oh, I'm so tired! Hurry! Hurry!" I shook my head and filled his cup and told him to go to bed if he was that tired. Instead, he ran full-force into the living room, flopped himself down on the carpet and shrieked out, "Help me! Help me! Oh, I'm so tired! Help me!" When he saw me laughing he grinned at my approval and continued to scream in terror as I helped him to his bed. The next time I want to drop over on my feet maybe I should flop on the floor and scream for someone to carry me to bed. It worked for Toby.

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