Sunday, March 27, 2011

With the Gusto of Toby

I was wondering. What would my life be like if I approached every day with the gusto of Toby? What if I greeted every morning by jumping up and down on my bed and belting out, "Guh morn-in' time!?" What if I dashed down the stairs just to stand in awe at the power of the vacuum, or watched in wonder as each stray cat or sneaky spider crossed my view? What if I carried a broom with me everywhere I went? What if I just never gave up searching for screwdrivers, swiping thermometers, and climbing to the highest point in any given room? What if I refused to let anyone pin me down and just never took "No" for an answer?

What if, at 1:00 each afternoon, I stopped all other activities, stood at the foot of my bed and yelled, "Ready, Set, Go!" then threw myself backwards into a free fall, landed bouncing and laughing, then repeated this over and over until I finally couldn't get up, and I took a three hour nap.

What if I yelled joyfully, "Phone ringing!" every time a phone rang or a timer beeped? What if I spent at least twenty minutes a day chasing Naomi, Hannah, and Emma around and around the circle of our house until we all collapsed on the floor laughing? What if I saw cooking dinner as the most amazing time when I got to touch new textures, smell new aromas, taste new flavors, hear new sounds, and see new sights. What if I giggled with all my might each time an egg cracked, slipped from the shell, and plopped into the bowl? What if I pushed the big kids out of the way as I climbed the highest slide at the playground and came down laughing over and over and over?

What if I ended each night by praying in faith like Toby's nightly prayer, "Dear Lord, thank you for Grandpa Johnson coming soon?"

Well, what if?

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