Friday, May 6, 2011

Emma Sees

Two days after they were ordered, Emma's glasses were ready for pick-up. Emma was all smiles as the lady put her new purple glasses on her face. It was priceless to see not only how cute Emma was with her new goggles, but how wide-eyed she became when the world became clear for the first time. She stood still and just looked and looked around the room. She walked slowly and quietly to the door and then to our van. I stooped down beside her outside and asked her what she saw.
She broke out in a huge grin, "I gah gee gee, ah gar! (I can see trees and cars!" she beamed. Just then a horse and buggy came down the street. "Ah ger a hoe ah buggy! (And there's a horse and buggy!)" she yelled, as if she'd never really seen one before.

"When we get home you can show your glasses to Daddy, and Naomi, and Hannah," I praised her.

"Ah I wah goo gee my ew gah-eh ah! (And I want to keep my new glasses on!)" she added.

"Yes, Emma," I assured her, "You can wear your new glasses all the time." She couldn't have been happier.

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