Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please Restore, Don't Add More

I was more than a little perturbed to discover a large streak of Desitin on the living room carpet this afternoon. After some interrogation, it was discovered that Hannah had decided to attempt to use the Desitin to glue some papers together. Given this usage it is not at all surprising that some ended up on the carpet. Hannah was sentenced by the committee for restorative justice to scrub the Desitin with a wet rag while I went to get some carpet cleaner.

Upon returning to the living room with the cleaner, I found Hannah with the tube of Desitin, lid open, poised to squirt some more out on the carpet. "Hannah!" I yelled, "What in the world are you doing?!" "Well...I," the timid Hannah replied, "I was just going to put some more on so I can see where to clean. I can't see it anymore."

I have decided against using restorative justice for the time being. If more Desitin shows up on the carpet Hannah will be sentenced to stay in her bed until she can demonstrate evidence of having acquired common sense.


  1. With much laughter...Nathan responds..."Dumb blonde!" FYI...white shaving cream works well to clean carpet stains. Perhaps she can have more fun cleaning...when she gets older!

  2. Hannah really fits that blonde stereo-type sometimes. It's hilarious when she's four, but I do hope she outgrows this. I have never heard about shaving cream and carpet, oh my, wouldn't she have fun with that?