Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hard to Fill Those...

"Mo-mmy, ih ih my ah puh-uh! (Mommy, this is my last pull-up!)" Emma remarked in disbelief, pulling the last pull-up from her stash in the living room this morning. Being a generally organized person, I usually stock the pile again before it runs out. Emma held the orphan pull-up out to me with wide eyes. "Hmm," I said, nearly rolling my eyes in sarcasm, "I guess you have no more pull-ups." I opened my eyes wide to stare back into her shocked eyes, "You better keep this one clean!"

Never did I imagine that this little speech would have the least effect on her potty habits. Probably because none of the previous, and much more convincing, speeches have had any effect--nor the rewards, nor the consequences, nor the praise, nor the scolding. But my faithless heart felt the spring sunshine of belief glow as Emma proceeded to use the potty, completely of her own accord, seven times before noon--at a playdate's house none-the-less. I had tried underwear before in several-week spurts (and ended up too frazzled to attempt to pull another poop-filled pair of underpants down chubby toddler legs again), but never before had we run out of pull-ups. Apparently soiling the last of her security pants was a more motivating thought than the worry of soiling underwear that her mommy would have to wash.

Unfortunately, the magic wore off in the early afternoon and she ended up peeing a little in the pull-up on her way to the potty. "Oh no, Emma!" I sighed, then leaned my face in close to hers and whispered dramatically, "Now what are you going to wear?" She thought a moment and said, "Um...un-weah?" "Oh, but do you think you can keep underwear clean?" I replied, biting my lip in worry. "Yeah. 'an I weah Naomi oh un-weah? (Yeah, can I wear Naomi's old underwear?)" she asked hopefully. Naomi has recently graduated to a larger sized underpants and Emma has had her eye on the abandoned stack of Naomi's underwear ever since. I decided to seize the opportunity and hope for the best. "OK, honey, but we can't poop on Naomi's underwear!" I reminded her. She solemnly nodded her head, "Oh-gay Mo-mmy."

There were no further accidents today and Emma was reluctant to give up her new hot-pink briefs for a "night-time pull-up" (fortunately these look different than her day-time ones or I would have completely blown my cover). I reassured her that we would put more Naomi-wear on again tomorrow, but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. After all, those are some pretty big underwear to fill.

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  1. Sweet!! One just never knows what will motivate them to learn!

    With Nathan it was a pair of jeans with a zipper, just like daddy's, which was purchases at a garage sale. I brought them home, he wanted to try them on immediately. But when he did they would not fit over diapers. sad...I gave him a very sad look.."They do not fit!"

    He was so disappointed.

    I said, "Wait a minute, I think I have some underwear (training pants) that might work. Should we try it?"

    He was most agreeable. Off came the diapers, on went the training pants and that was the end of it...never an accident....that was it...he would pee on the potty when he needed...just like daddy. (pooping became another issue however...but he never soiled his pants...he would rather die of constipation...but that is another story.) But he too had no motivating factors except my sadness and his when the jeans did not fit.

    Best wishes with Naomi's underwear...may that keep motivating her to honor them and not soil them. Yes...big pants to fill!!