Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Tomorrow is the day Hannah has been waiting for, praying for, dreaming of, and babbling incessantly about for one week. We get to pack our bags together, just Hannah and Mommy, then leave on a special Hannah-Mommy trip together after an early dinner. I will spend three hours in the van with her, a completely captive audience, listening to her every senseless fancy--a dream come true for Hannah, whose Mommy usually doesn't indulge her quite so much. We will spend the night at a friends house, and leave early Thursday morning for the children's hospital, where I pray they will shower her with all the attention and prizes that Naomi received two weeks ago, or it will be more disappointing for her than opening underwear on Christmas day. Well actually, if the underwear were really pretty Hannah would probably be thrilled. Anyway, I think she'll be fine undergoing the endoscopy. She likes new people, new things, and lots of attention. She gets to spend twenty-four hours with Mommy, breathe in bubble-gum flavored "sleepy air," wake up to drink apple juice, and come home with a load of prizes. She can't wait.

At dinner Matt announced, "I can't wait because tomorrow I get to leave on a special trip with Mommy and have a biopsy!" A brief silence followed. "No..." Emma smiled, "Ah-nah go wi Mo-mmy!" "Yeah, Daddy," Hannah said saucily, "It's called a children's hospital and I'm a child, not you!"

At bedtime Hannah was too excited to sleep. "I'm going to miss you while you're gone," Matt told her. "I want to miss you Daddy," Hannah replied, "but I can't. I'm gonna have to much fun." Oh dear, nothing like setting yourself up for a let down. Let us hope it's all she dreams it will be.

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  1. Best wishes with all of the preparations once again. This time around I hope all the preparation goes a little better, since you have already had practice from the last time. As for Hannah, I hope that her "dreams come true." It will be worth it just to have your undivided attention. I hope and pray that it all goes well. She will probably adore being the center of attention, despite any negative affects from the experience. I will be thinking of you. I get to have an MRI on Thursday, so I will be in the "patient" mode myself....my treat??? VALIUM induced relaxation...can't wait!!!