Monday, September 20, 2010

Here Between Us

Last night Matt and I lay in bed (our mattress on the floor) talking through our trials. He said something funny (I don't even remember what it was) that I threatened to put on Facebook. "No you dont," he warned, "What I say doesn' t go outside these four..." Knowing what surrounded us was anything but walls, I began to laugh. "These four..." he continued, "well...this stack of boxes, this pile of my Mom's old shirts, this shelf of puzzles, or this folded-up ping-pong table!" We both laughed so hard that Toby started to stir. A moment of silence followed, then more suppressed laughter found it's way out. It felt wonderful to laugh together again.

I rememberd the words of a song that I hadn't listened to in several years by Andrew Peterson, called Clear to Venus:

Well, it isn't home, but it'll do just fine
Still, it isn't home...
...Well I've never seen the spirit wind,
but I have seen the tall grass bend
So I'll follow it wherever it may bring us...
....we can always find a home right here between us

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