Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bibbitty, Bobbitty, Boo, Up the Stairs With You: A Poem by Naomi

Naomi admitted tonight that the last time we watched Cinderella, she had snuck a pencil and paper up to her bed so she could sit up and write a poem. Ultimately, it was a hard secret to keep 'cause the poem was so good she just had to share it. She's very much like her mother.

Bibbitty, Bobbitty, Boo
Up the stairs with you
Daddy hugs and kisses us good-night
And says, "After this you shouldn't fight"
In the morning the sun is shining very bright
And we get dressed, make beds, and do right

We do a puzzle, read a book,
Do computer games, and help Mommy cook
After lunch we read books some more
Then we help Mommy do a chore

Then we sit down and eat our supper
We practice manners, like please pass the butter
Mommy says, "It's clean-up time," and Toby complains
Sitting down, crying, yelling, "It's not fair," and being a pain
But, the house soon gets clean, 'cause we clean up with grins
And then this whole long poem all over again begins

-Naomi Eby, age 9

She's spot-on with our daily routine, except maybe the part about cleaning up with grins, and though it sounds somewhat agonizingly cyclical, the feeling comes through that she's happy to be part of this family and she likes expressing herself on paper. And that makes Mama happy too.

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