Sunday, April 29, 2012


When the blue sky dims
And the greens fade grey
When he's fed and changed
But he still won't play
I hold my son
And gently sway
We rock together
To end our day

He arches and squirms
And gnaws my thumb
He wails and bellows
As my ears grow numb
I sing and sway
Like a steady drum
Rock, creak, rock, creak
Rock, creak, hum

He chews his blanket
And rubs his eyes
He drools and fusses
And then he sighs
Warm in my arms
He sinks to the beat
Rock, creak, rock, creak,
Rock, creak, sleep

Five chubby fingers
Wrapped around mine
His soft, warm breaths
Keeping time
As the sun drops low
And the day's chores cease
We hold each other
And find release
Rock, creak, rock, creak,
Rock, creak, peace

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