Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mothers Are...

Active, Awake day and night

Bed-time tucker-inners, Battery-replacers (and your two-year old will notice if you fail here), Beautiful

Coffee adicted, Cuddlers, Creative

Discipline-exacters, Doctor-office frequenters

Exhausted, Emergency Room regulars

Fever-soothers, Frazzled, Frustrated, Flexible, Finance-stretchers

Going to Go on a date with that Guy they least someday...maybe

Hair-combers, Homework-inspectors


Justice-servers, Just-venting so Just listen

Kiss-givers, not really

Multi-tasking, Meal-prepping Magicians (no, actually it's hard work), Monster-scarers

Nose-wipers, Nurses, Night-mare calmers

Over-stretched, On-the-go, Olympians (in a "Go Mom!" sort-of way, like when they jump fences in a single leap to save a toddler from the road, you know what I mean)

Peace-keepers, Probably Poop-covered

Quitting tomorrow, this job is too hard, anyone want to apply?

Reading in their free, I mean Re-washing the laundry that just got peed on

Sleep-deprived, Schedule coordinators...these two often do not mix well, just so you know

Tired, Troubled, Trash-Taker-outers...or, on better days, Teachers, Temperature-Takers

Un-alarmed by the screams in the next room, they'll work it out, really. Under-appreciated

Vomit-washers...and, I might add, Volitile while doing this, so offer help or back-away, there is a limit to the multi-tasking ability

Weary, Worried, Washing her favorite shirt for the third time, because she is going to wear that when she leaves the house tonight, no matter how hard her baby tries to defile it

X Okay, nothing really starts with X, but if you permit creative spelling she is: X-uberant, X-traordinary, X-asperated, X-illerating, X-citing, X-ceptional, and her DNA carries two XX chromosomes
Yearning for acknowledgement

Zainy, that's why they write alphabetical lists of mothering traits to keep themselves entertained

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