Sunday, October 14, 2012

Haunted Universe

I woke up in a haunted universe
And stood at once in awe
Of the splendor of intricate design
And the despair of its decay

And could not decide
If for the indescribable beauty
I burst with elation
Or for its wasting
I mourned

Yet under the sickening blight
The architecture was so lofty
My heart ached to know the crafter

And when I, dusting cobwebs
Glimpsed his fingerprint
On an ornate doorpost
A thrill of hope surged up my spine
He was here!
As if the evidence had not been
Overwhelmingly around me

Gazing on the structure
My eye fell on a shingle
Once loose
And a single nail, tapped into place
Holding back corruption
He is still here

If I could not ever fully explain
Why he left
Why the pain
It would not wipe that print away

And if I could not tell you why
He allows the rule of blight
It would not pull that nail from its place

I could not stand less amazed
At the artisan
Beyond my comprehension

I walk a haunted universe
Sentimental over every remnant
Of the grandeur it used to be
Grieving its demise
Cherishing each glimpse
Of his tending hand
Awaiting his return

--Katherine Eby

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