Sunday, January 1, 2012

Notebook Highlights from December

It's frustrating, but I just can't type on a computer with a baby in my arms, and that is where little bitty Elijah wants to and forever. The only way I can even get the cooking and cleaning done is by wearing him in a sling or carrier while I do them, or by putting him in the bouncy seat and begging his sisters to bounce it for me, though this usually only buys me a few minutes. Naomi and Hannah are also growing a little less enchanted and a little more annoyed at having to stop their play to care for their brother, but alas, if they want a hot meal, they have to pitch in sometimes. I tell them often how grateful I am and we make jokes to Elijah and try to convince him that he really wouldn't like to take a shower, but I know they still get tired of it. I worry that they will resent him, but last night as we talked over everything God had given us in 2011, they both chose to thank God for Elijah, and I breathed a little sigh of relief. Phew! They still like him!

Blog posts roll around in my head and compose themselves throughout the day sometimes, but then never make it to the computer. Finally, last week I did jot down some funny happenings in a notebook, and I am attempting to take a few blessed minutes of peace to put them down here. Let's hope Elijah stays asleep. Here goes:

*No matter how many times Hannah and Emma play their new favorite game it always cracks me up. What is this game? It's called: "Hurry to the hospital because Emma's water broke!" Emma shoves a baby doll in her shirt, yells, "My wah-er guh bow! (My water just broke!)" Then Hannah runs and yells in a panic as they race to the hospital. A few seconds later they emerge with an adorable new baby and the game is over. I really didn't run and yell like that when my water broke...really. Where do they get this stuff?

*When I told Toby that he needed to pick up his toys he looked at me with stone-cold defiance and yelled, "I'm NOT..." but seeing my raised eyebrow and knowing it translated to something like "Are you sure you really want to say that to Mommy?" he decided to switch tracks and end the sentence with the words, "...six, I'm FIVE!" Which was, in my estimation, a brilliant save for a two-year old, even if it was entirely off subject and altogether untrue.

*As I bounced up and down on our big red exercise ball with Elijah in my arms, I sang "She'll Be Comin' 'round the Mountain" in the hopes of calming his cries. Hannah listened, then laughed and admitted to me, "When I was little I thought 'She'll be drivin' six white horses' meant she would be driving a car with six white horses inside it, but they wouldn't all fit in there would they?" No, dear Hannah now that you're old and wise I'm glad you've realized six horses won't fit inside a car.

*My grandma sent out a box of gifts for my children, which we opened last week. Each present was wrapped neatly and packed in packing peanuts inside the large brown package. The brown box and packing peanuts lived in our school room a few days before I decided to throw them out. Emma began sobbing frantically as I tossed the peanuts in the garbage and yelled to her sisters for help, "Mommy's throwing away our craft things that grandma sent!"

That's all for now, but I intend to keep more notes, so look for future "Notebook Highlights" posts from me for more Eby silliness.

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