Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting on My Nerves

With one month and two days to go until my due date this baby has been getting under my skin and on my nerves, and recently he's become a real pain in the rear. I've had periodic nerve pain at the end of my other pregnancies, but this little boy has taken it to a whole new level. I will be innocently going about my life when searing pain will shoot down the back or inside of my leg, causing it to buckle underneath me. It's not a conscious choice to relieve the pain, it's reflex that I have no control over at all.

Last week I was standing at the kitchen table chopping vegetables when the pain struck and I barely got the knife down and my hands on the table to steady myself. Yesterday was particularly challenging because the pain came relentlessly again and again. I was shopping and only stayed upright because I could lean on the cart. I was cleaning and had to grab for the nearest chair or counter. Twice I was literally stuck on the floor after changing Toby's pull-up. The nerve pain gripped me every time I tried to move my right leg at all. Matt had to come behind me and hoist me up, and back on my feet again I was fine, at least for a few minutes.

Today at church I moved cautiously, staying near chairs and counters and walls, and several times I was struck and had to steady myself. I feel like I need to go out and buy a cane. Tonight at dinner Hannah offered these reassuring words, "Well, Mama, if you can't get off the floor tomorrow when Daddy's at work, we'll just bring everything to you that you need."

"No," Matt said, "what you girls need to do is get a big wheel and hook it to the ceiling and throw a rope over it. Then you can all pull Mommy up off the floor." The girls all giggled. Ha ha.

When I pointed out that cardboard and scotch tape probably wouldn't hold me up these days, Hannah had an even better idea. "We could get one of those machines that they use to build buildings, like the one that lifted the tree off the Baron's house. What's it called?"

Matt's eyes laughed, "A crane? Yes, you could get a crane to hoist Mommy off the floor! Good idea, Hannah."

I just want you to know, in case a crane pulls up to my house tomorrow, not to worry. It's just my children helping Mommy off the floor again.

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  1. Feeling your pain, Kathy! My nerve pain got worse each pregnancy and has continued since having Holly here and there. Eating bananas (extra potassium) and walking seemed to help some ... but when it struck, many times nothing helped and it was impossible to sit or stand to relieve it!

    Praying for you!