Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sharing Stories, Sharing Hope

I want to thank all those who have stopped by my blog in the last two weeks to read "A Letter to a Mother Considering Terminating a Pregnancy for ARPKD". Thank you to those who have posted this letter to your blogs as well, and to all who have taken the time to leave comments of hope and encouragement to me. I didn't expect this letter to reach thousands on the Internet, it was intended for one mother, but God works in ways very mysterious to us.

Sadly, I heard yesterday that the mother I had written this letter to did decide to terminate her pregnancy. Clearly, we hold different worldviews, and my letter could not change that. My hope is that others who have read my letter have been strengthened in their faith, and that God may use my words to soften the heart of another mother out there.

To my amazement, one non-profit organization called "Hunter's Hope" also contacted me to let me know that my letter touched their hearts. This organization was founded by NFL hall-of-fame quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife Jill after their son, Hunter, was diagnosed with a degenerative terminal illness. They have encouraged my heart by sending me an autographed copy of their book "Without a Word: How a Boy's Unspoken Love Changed Everything." So, in turn, I want to commend their story and their book to others who would like to read the tear-jerking, heart-warming account of their journey in faith through the life and death of their son.

Here is a clip from Jim and Jill Kelly's recent appearance on Fox News:

There is joy in sharing our stories, encouraging each other on our journeys, and bringing hope to those who follow behind us.

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