Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Get Your Truck Shoes Back

Toby was restless this morning. He just couldn't seem to find anything amusing or challenging enough for his liking. He fussed and he whined, but then he had an idea. He scurried up the stairs and clunked carefully back down a moment later proudly sporting his sisters' pink high heeled dress-up shoes. I turned a blind eye to his footwear, happy that he wasn't whining anymore, but Matt wasn't about to let it go.

"Toby, take those off," he chided, "those are girl shoes. They're for girls to wear--you're a boy." But Toby wasn't going to relinquish them.

"OK," I sighed, "I hid his truck shoes on top of the fridge last week when he kept pestering me to put them on every ten seconds. If you get them down, maybe he'll trade you." Toby was more than happy to trade, and, to my amazement, he kept the truck shoes on happily most of the day. I think he only liked the high heels for the challenge anyway.

He proved that he was still a man's man when he climbed in bed beside me this afternoon for a little snuggling, then suddenly sat back up and declared, "Forgot vacoom!" He retrieved his friend the Dirt Devil, and the three of us snuggled happily for five seconds...then Toby and Dirt Devil were off to find new adventures, and I was thankful for a few minutes' peace.

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