Wednesday, October 14, 2015

See October

Tonight they sway gently in brisk, alive air
On warm horseback over crackling trails
And I silently pray that they see

Every last copper leaf warmed by the blazing sun sinking
Every grand silhouetted oak and red maple
Paired in design with a sapphire sky
Each sweet yellow tree-tear slipping and floating 
Through the day's last rays

Crimson mums and cornstalks bunched by the speckled stone doorway
Far-away flickering flocks of blackbirds playing
The coal black cat slinking under the white rail fences
Lining silent pastures green and golden
Where the halflinger ponies' blond manes rustle
And they lift a curious muzzle to the breeze
Regal and peaceful

I know they will always hear October
They will feel that brisk, alive air
And listen to the geese rising and calling
Maybe they will still feel warm horseback
And cherish crackling leaves
And it will bring them as much joy as ever

But I pray that they can store away 
Some of this fading evening's colors
And maybe one day when color's memory
Is shadowed half-truth, an un-sugared pie
They will catch the scent of leaf under foot
And they will again see October 

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