Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wonderful Horses--A Poem by Naomi Eby

With all their spirit and all their power
With all their majesty and all their fire
And since with their fury is a gentle willing heart
It's hard to show these horses as they are in my art

I love drawing them when they are free in the wild
Or showing them carrying an adoring child
And it's such a great feeling, it can't be described
When you get on your horse and go for a ride

They're good, they're great, they're extremely terrific
They're really smart, you can teach them such tricks
They have noble looks and they make great friends
And that's why my love for them never ends

Naomi Eby
Age 11


  1. Great job, Naomi!

    Two of our girls, Sara (11) and Holly (8), are studying horses for science this year. We read and enjoyed King of the Wind and are reading Black Beauty right now.

    Another daughter, Grace, who is almost 16, has been writing children's books. She wrote one about horses you might enjoy ~ you can find it on her blog: