Monday, July 14, 2014


I watched you tonight
In the golden evening
Surrounded by girls
Leaner, stronger, faster
And I saw in you strength
Those girls will never have

I watched them flit with ease
But you concentrated
With you whole being
They glided
You fought
They never tired
You tired
And ran on

Girl after girl showcased
The reflexes of a gazelle
You took a ball to the face
And chose to stay
In the line of fire
Even when reflexes failed you

They danced on ankles
That have never turned
Your ankle betrayed you
For the thousandth time
In your short life
Leaving you behind
Yet again

When I saw the tears well up
When I went to meet you
You sighed
Wiped your eyes
Stood up
And began your plans
To practice harder at home
That's when I knew
You were stronger
Than all of them

I watched you tonight
In the golden evening
And my greatest sorrow
Was knowing the others
Didn't see it

I wish that I could gather them up
Players, coaches, parents, fans
Wish I could explain
Everything you had overcome
To be where you are
Wish I could give them eyes to see
Your bravery

But I stood silently
And marveled
And thanked your maker
That out of those twelve girls
You were mine

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