Wednesday, May 28, 2014


In the corner of the goal
Not wanting to be hit
In the shade of great walnut trees
Just bursting into leaf
She stands, arms crossed
Smiling a little at the boys
Running full-on towards her
With the pink community soccer ball

Across the dusty field
Her sister comes leaping
To guard the goal
That's not quiet guarded
Nimbly swiping the ball
From boys twice her size

A third sister giggles
At her good fortune
from the other side of the goal
She was jointly
Not quite guarding

In a corner of the dust field
Two brothers sit
Convinced they've found a sandbox
Developing roads and railroad tracks
And chasing down ant holes
With their newfound friend

She speaks no english
They speak no spanish
And no one minds
They understand just fine

The littlest brother peeks up
Catches my eye
And runs with joy-filled eyes
Towards me yelling
"Mama! Mama!"
To find a hug
And the assurance
I'm always watching

His friend follows
Explaining something exciting
In spanish
And when I explain
That I don't understand
She smiles, shrugs,
And somehow convinces
both of my sons
Without a word
To gather piles of last year's walnuts
To feed the squirrels
That she doesn't at all
Find a nuisance

When my littlest one
Sees the biggest boys
Jumping bicycles on ramps
He watches, mesmerized
Toes on the edge of the road
He knows he must not cross
Wishing I wasn't calling him to dinner
When there's so much to do

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