Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Moment on the Pine-Wrapped Hill

One night on a pine-wrapped hill
Above the rocks, above the sea
You played what your heart overflowed
To say good-bye, you played for me

I held that tune a thousand miles
And loathed the distance, loathed the time
And wished to heaven it were now
When I could wrap your hand in mine

Now gazing back eleven years
I cannot see a sweeter place
Untouched by complicated tears
Unworn by this life's urgent pace

Tonight with dishes in the sink
With laundry strewn about the floor
With small feet sneaking for a drink
With clouds of duty on my soul

I almost didn't hear you play
I almost didn't hear you feel
'Till I saw your heart overflow
And watched the thoughts your fingers tell

Then saw the business fade to mist
And felt the notes shake through my bones
To call me out of all of this
Above the steady drone of chores

Above the rocks, above the sea
Onto a pine-wrapped hill
Where once you played to feel the pain
And now I see you play there still

One night in a pine-wrapped house
Below the moon, below our dreams
You played what your heart overflowed
Orange sun slipping through the trees

Notes that flowed with strength and hope
Contentment in the drudgery
A moment on the pine-wrapped hill
You play to feel, you play to be

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