Monday, July 22, 2013

Photo Album: The Fair 2013

We took the kids to the 4H fair yesterday evening to look at animals, rides, tractors, sights, sounds, and horse competitions.

Grandma and Grandpa Eby gave my kids their annual treat of a ride on the carousel. Elijah was absolutely thrilled when we put him on the horse:

And he was absolutely devastated when the ride stopped. It was all we could do to pry his clinging little hands from the bar as he sobbed, "No! No!" long after the other kids had already left the ride.

Thank goodness there were plenty of amazing animals after that to distract him from his broken heart.

Here is one of the most amazing fair experiences we've ever had: Meet Ollie, the 1800lb, 4 year old, Belgian horse--a gentle giant, who only wanted to play.

Naomi was fascinated at the sight of him.

And delighted with his nuzzles. Now I know how to get Naomi to smile naturally for the camera.

A little kiss for Emma...

Ollie liked my girls so much he began kicking at his gate to get out and play.

Hannah really liked Ollie, but she wasn't so sure she wanted to nuzzle with him. I love how she's totally plowing over Elijah here, to put a little more space between that horse's mouth and herself.

And yesterday's winning photograph: Ollie licking Naomi's hair. He must have liked that strawberry scented shampoo. This smile is worth a million dollars.

There were many other amazing sights and experiences at the fair as well. We spent over an hour at the horse arena watching 4H kids compete in barrel racing and keyhole racing. Naomi and I were both spellbound--the others not so much, so Matt took them for a walk to see the lights and rides. We watched fast horses and slow horses, spooked horses, rearing horses, and one that slipped going around a barrel and went down with the rider, but no one was hurt. It was fascinating and inspiring.

Is it time for the 2014 4H Fair yet?

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