Saturday, July 14, 2012

Toby's False or True

Toby, Emma, and Hannah are sitting at breakfast right now, playing a game of true or false, or rather, as Toby calls it, "False or True."

"I should treat Emma like my blaster: false or true?" Toby calls out to his sisters, who reward him with giggles and assure him that the answer to that is false.

"OK," Toby replies, gearing up for his next question, "I should line all of the bananas up for a spank: false or true?"

More giggles ensue. Hannah decides to mix it up by answering, "True."

"OK," Toby laughs. He goes over to the bananas, gives them each a slap, then gets distracted by just how much that bunch of bananas resembles a helmet. Turning them upside down on his head he announces, "This is my helmet!" Singing a little "dee dee deee" song, he dances around the kitchen, gaining further encouragement from Elijah who has been watching from his highchair, and is clearly amused.

When the banana-helmet show is over Toby returns to his breakfast, but deciding he is more nourished by peer-approval than chocolate chex, he continues his quiz.

"I should take all of these chairs to time-out: false or true?"

"True!" Hannah agrees.

"I should go potty: false or true?"

"True!" I yell from my office.

Toby laughs, caught off guard by my response. "Never mind!" he yells to me, on his way to the bathroom, "You don't ever say that to me!" Which, I believe means something like, "Nobody invited you to play, so mind your own business."

Once the potty business is finished, Toby emerges from his chrysalis transformed into a ravenous tiger. He spies the easiest prey (Emma), and benevolently warns her, "I'm a tiger! And I can eat anything I see!"

The chase is on. It's 8:30am, and another day at the Eby house has begun. Sigh. I should leave my computer, get dressed, and do some housework: false or true?


  1. Hmmmm ~ part true maybe? Leave your computer ... go to the table and join in the fun ;) Those bananas may fit on your head too!


  2. Ha, no, I think I'm more comfortable recording the chaos in my house than joining it. Maybe I should loosen up a little, but I don't think I could bring myself to dance with bananas on my head :) They look better on Toby anyway ;)