Friday, December 9, 2011

The New Morning Routine

5:00am-- Nurse Elijah

5:15am-- Change Elijah's diaper

5:20am-- Nurse Elijah again

5:35am-- Change Elijah's diaper again

5:40am-- Nurse Elijah again

5:55am-- Ahhhhh! Sweet Rest

5:57am-- Listen to Naomi clop down the stairs

5:58am-- Listen to Hannah run down the stairs

5:59am-- Listen to Naomi run up the stairs and into my room to tell me that Hannah couldn't wait for her to get off the potty so she peed on the bathroom floor.

6:00am-- Go downstairs to clean up Hannah and bathroom floor

6:15am-- Ahhhhh! Sweet Rest

6:20am-- Nurse Baby Elijah

.........etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.........

8:15am-- Coffee! while I hold the cutest, most precious baby in the world, who is worth every minute of sleeplessness. Sleep is so overrated anyway.

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