Monday, September 19, 2011

Upheld: Pictures of Naomi's Hospital Journey

Naomi has been hospitalized for four days now. She's had some very painful and trying times, but some bright spots as well. Here are the pictures I've snapped of our journey.

Naomi working on Lite Bright Saturday afternoon

Being transferred to the ambulance Sunday morning

Off to the Children's Hospital, where we sat in the ER for 8 hours before being admitted!

In our room this morning (with a pillow pet they gave Naomi) she was finally able to sit up!

Sitting up again and a few more pictures of our 5 star room in a brand new facility.

Naomi's TV and our in-room refrigerator

This is my corner with my own bed, desk, and my own TV
Naomi even felt well enough to visit the playroom and do some artwork

Since Naomi was sitting up on her own without a headache, the blood patch was cancelled this morning. Now Naomi is simply being observed until tomorrow morning to make sure she can tolerate being up and about normally without the spinal headache recurring. Her back is still sore, but not quite as frozen as it was last week. Hopefully her back will loosen up, her headache will not return, and we'll be on our way home tomorrow. Thank you all for continually upholding us in prayer.

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